Oil flooded, variable speed

Nirvana 37-160 kW A True Variable-Speed Drive Compressor Now Available in Single- and Two-Stage.
By matching a standard variable-speed inverter with a Hybrid Permanent Magnet® (HPM®) motor, Ingersoll Rand is first-to market with a true variable-speed drive compressor. In both single- and two-stage,
the Nirvana compressor has fewer rotating parts than any other air compressor in its class. HPM® motor has no bearings, thus raising the standard on compressor reliability to an unequalled level.
Since the HPM® motor directly drives the compressor, there are no pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals that would wear out, leak or need replacing.
Coupled with Ingersoll Rand’s time-proven, reliable airend, Nirvana is as low maintenance as an air compressor can get.

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